2002 Vol.2 No.1~No.2

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June 2002

  • Vol. 2 No. 1
  • Oral health education on recognition and their prevalence of dental caries comparative analysis of some primary school pupils’ in Buckjeju-gun

    Youn-Hwa Kim

  • A Study on the Occupational Diseases and Dental Hygiene of Laborers in Cement Industry

    Il-Soon Park, Mi-Ae Chung, Ji-Hyoung Han

  • A Study on the Characteristics of Patients Affecting the Behavior of Students Majoring in Dental Hygiene Avoiding Patients

    Young-Nam Kim

  • Development of Goals Tentative of Dental Health Education in the Elementary Schools

    Hyung-Sook Lee

  • A Study on the Work of Dental Hygienists by Service Area

    Kyung-Sook Moon, Yoon-Sook Hwang, Young-Kyung Kim, Jae-Yeon Jung

  • A research study on dental hygienists’ knowledge of implant operation

    Min-Jung Cho

  • A Research Relative to the Subjective View on the Occupational Consciousness of the Dental Coordinator

    Gyeong-Soon Han

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December 2002

  • Vol. 2 No. 2
  • A Study on the Relationship of Empowerment, Self-efficacy, and Turnover Intention of Dental Hygienists

    Boo-Wol Kang, Sun-Mi Lee

  • According to the clinical training, the study of stresses and coping ways of stresses

    Yong-Ok Nam, Jong-Hwa Jang, Sun-Sook Kim

  • A Scanning Electron Microscope Study of the Bristles

    Jung-Seung Yang

  • Effect of Prenatal Fluoride on Bone Compositions of Rat

    Hye-Young Kim, Hyun-Sook Kwun, Keun-Bae Song, Suk-Jin Hong

  • Comparative study on the Dental caries experience, Oral hygiene states and Caries activity test between the Normal and the Mental Handicapped children

    Mi-Hyung Kim, Seon-Mi Kim

  • The Distribution of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, Hemophilus aphrophilus and Hemophilus paraphrophilus in Subgingival Plaque and Saliva from Korean Periodontitis Patients using PCR

    Ok-Sun Choi, Gwang-Sook Ahn, Hye-Jin Kim, Eun-Sook Lee

  • Investigation of infection control in the private dental clinics and prevention of hepatitis B virus infection among the dental hygiene students

    Seon-Mi Kim, Mi-Hyung Kim