2004 Vol.4 No.1~No.2

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June 2004

  • Vol. 4 No. 1
  • Research on the Actual Condition of Consciousness that the Students in Dept. of dental hygiene have about Clinical Training

    Yong-Ju Kang, Gye-Won Jang

  • A Study on the Effect of Aroma Therapy on Anxiety and Pain Before and After Tooth Extraction

    Mi-Ae Jeong

  • Development of PBL Package – focusing on dental hygienist roles –

    Young-Ran Jung, Yoon-Sook Hwang

  • An inquiry into dental personnel’s Knowledge, attitude and behavior about the defense against dental radiation

    Sun-Ju Kim

  • The effect of weight length index and blood components on dental caries of preschool children

    Song-Jeon Kim, Soon-Hwan Lim

  • A Study on the Environmental Condition and Safety in Dental Radiography Room

    Il-Soon Park, Kyung-Hee Lee

  • A study on the patient’s awareness of oral health in public health center

    Jung-Seung Yang

  • A study of the correlation between body image and self-respect of patients who have teeth braces

    Young-Suk Yoon, Young-Hee Jung

  • The effect of dental health education on dental health knowledge, dental health behavior of adult group

    Hyang-Nim Lee

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December 2004

  • Vol. 4 No. 2
  • A study on AIDS-related knowledge and attitude among dental-hygiene students

    Hyun-Sook Kang

  • Isolation and identification of Lactobacillus inhibiting the production of halitosis by anaerobic bacteria

    Mi-Hyung Kim, Seon-Mi Kim

  • Effect of mother’s oral health knowledge and behaviour on dental caries in their preschool children

    Soo-Kyung Kim

  • A Study on the Antibiosis and Physical & Mechanical Characteristics of Dental Resin

    Ju-Won Kim, Sung-Suk Kim

  • A Study on Curriculum of Dental Hygienists

    II-Soon Park

  • The Study on relation of dental hygienist’s job-stress and self-conception

    Ji-Young Bae, Jung-Hwa Eun

  • The study on the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by dental hygienists at Gwangju·Jeonnam Area

    Hyung-Soon Shim

  • An Investigation of a Motive for Dental Implant Treatment in Clinical Cases

    Gar-Yeong Lee

  • Bacteriological contamination of toothbrushes by dental plaque acidogenicity and related behaviors to toothbrush use

    Mi-Oak Lee

  • Occurrence of Low Back Pains for Dental Hygienists

    Sook-Jeung Lee

  • An Analysis of the Job Performance in Operative Restoration by Dental Hygienists

    Pyeong-Kyu Cho