2006 Vol.6 No.1~No.4

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March 2006

  • Vol. 6 No. 1
  • A Study on the Determinant Factors the Image of Dental hygienists

    Boo-Wol Kang

  • Assessment of Oral Health Impact Profile among korean adult(55+) in Gwang-Ju

    Seol-Hee Kim

  • The effects of the quality of dental care service by factors on the patient satisfaction and service value

    Jung-Sook Kim

  • A research on the actual condition on Dental Waste Treatment of dental hygienes

    Young-Nam Park, Hee-Hong Min, Hye-Jin Lee

  • A Study on the Behavior Status for Oral Health of Pregnant Women

    Chung-Soon Park, Ji-Youn Lee, Sun-Ju Kim, Kyung-Hee Lee, On-Ju Ju

  • A Study on the College Life Satisfaction of Students Studying Dental Hygiene Residing in Gwangju and Jeonnam

    Hyung-Soon Shim, Jung-Seung Yang

  • A research on the questionnaires about Busan citizen’s understanding of the Tooth Bleaching

    Hye-Jin Lee, Eun-Suk Jeon

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June 2006

  • Vol. 6 No. 2
  • Satisfaction with Department Selection and Changes in a Sense of Employment Among Some Students Majoring in Dental Hygiene

    Jin-Soo Kim, Kun-Ok Lim

  • A study of dental hygiene students on school subject degree of recognition before admission and satisfaction

    Hwa-Ju Kim, Kun-Ok Lim, Yun-Jeong Kim

  • Study on factors of oral health behaviors of dental hygiene department and general college

    Young-Nam Park

  • A Survey on Related of College Women’s Smoking experience in a Certain Area and their Awareness of Oral Health

    Hae-Kyung Lee, Mi-Jeong Kim, In-Suk Park

  • Study on Dental Health Knowledge and Behavior of Mothers

    Bun-Ja Chang

  • Views about the degree of recognition of dental hygiene of elementary school teachers – The object of study: elementary school teachers in city of Daegu

    Eun-Kyung Jung, Ga-Ryoung Lee

  • Analysis of Satisfaction Level Regarding Removable Dentures for Aged Patients in Dental Hospitals or Clinics

    Soo-Kyung Kim, Mi-Young Gwon

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September 2006

  • Vol. 6 No. 3
  • Study of consciousness about employment overseas of dental hygiene students abroad

    Hwa-Ju Kim, Kun-Ok Lim, Sang-Hee Jung

  • A study on the correlation of the college life and oral prophylaxis in some students studying dental hygiene

    Hyung-Soon Shim, Eun-Kyoung Go, Myung-Ok Ha

  • Dental Hygienists’ Perception of the Usefulness of Clinic Practice Training

    Gye-Won Jang, Yong-Ju Kang, Boak-Yeon Won

  • The research regarding the self concept of part dental hygienes students

    Eun-Kyung Jung

  • A Study on the Primary Factors in the Selection of Dental Medical Organizations

    Yun-Hwa Choi

  • A study of Priority-setting in Korean National Dental Health Insurance Scheme

    Ji-Hyoung Han, Yoon-Sook Hwang

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December 2006

  • Vol. 6 No. 4
  • A study on the role of dental Hygienist for revitalization of Dental Health class in Community Health Center

    Hyeon-Sook Kwun, Gab-Suk Jo

  • The Realities of Smoking among Some College Students and Their Relevant Knowledge

    Jin Kim, Sun-A Lim

  • Relationship between Quality of Life and Industrial Workers’ Oral Health Evaluation

    Hye-Jin Kim, Chun-Man Park, Jong-Youl Lee

  • Identification of Fusobacterium nucleatum isolated from Korean by F. nucleatum subspecies-specific DNA probes

    Hwa-Sook Kim, Joong-Ki Kook

  • A study on the oral health awareness of the elderly for dental health project planning

    Yong-Ok Nam, Cheol-Eung Park, Jin-Hyeon Park, On-Ju Ju, Young Im Kim

  • The Relationship Between Dental Anxiety and Main Colors of Dentists which Students of the Lower Class Elementary School draw

    Eui-Jung Park, Jung-Hwa Lee

  • A Study on Post-Admission Satisfaction Level among Dental Hygiene Students in Colleges

    Il-Soon Park, Kyung-Hee Lee

  • A study on the oral health status at disabilities children in Ulju-gun Ulsan

    Jung-Hwa Lee

  • An Influence of Attitude toward Dental Health by Mothers on Their Children with Respect to Dental Caries

    Jung-Hwa Lee, Eui-Jung Park

  • Relation Factors of Oral Health Behavior of Junior College in Jeollanamdo

    Yoon-Jung Jang, Jin-A Jung, Eun-Sook Jeon

  • Cognition and perception of community members about dental hygienist’s job

    Won-Gyun Chung, A-Ran Son, Hye-Ryung Jung, Jung-Ye Kim, Jung-Eun Ha, Seung-Hee Heo,Nam-Hee Kim

  • Dental Hygiene Treatment Fear, Anxiety and Related Factors in Dental Patients

    Myung-Sook Cho

  • A Research on Service and Awareness of Dental Coordinators by Manpower at Dental Care Service Institutions – Centering on Manpower Other than Dentists

    Boo-Keun Choi, Su-Jin Han, Soon-Bok Kwon, Jae-Yeon Jung, Myung-Sook Cho, Yoon-Sook Hwang

  • Effects of School-Based Oral Health Programs among Schoolchildren : Focus on the Oral Health Knowledge and Behaviors

    Soon-Lye Choi, Hyeon-Sook Kwun, Keun-Bae Song, Jung-Hwa Lee, Hyun-Kyung Kang, Jung-Mi Choi

  • The Study of behavior on the awareness of oral health aimed at the residents who lives in Yeoungdong-gun

    Ok-Seon Choe, Seong-Hoon Lee

  • Effect of bleaching on human teeth and reduced treatment on negative influence -Review

    Jae-Yoon Choi, Youn-Soo Shim

  • A Study on the Bad Breath of Some Dental Students and Other Students

    Jung Mi Choi