2009 Vol.9 No.1~No.4

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March 2009

  • Vol. 9 No. 1
  • A study on the oral health care of pregnant women in a region

    Ka-Yean Lee, Bok-Yeon Won

  • The status of use of oral care products in Korea at 2006

    Eun-Ju Ku, So-Jung Mun, Won-Gyun Chung, Nam-Hee Kim

  • Analysis an opinion of dentists and staff of dental clinic about image of dental hygienist

    Hae Gyum Ryu, Sung-Suk Choi

  • Relationship between oral environment and halitosis

    Young-Ok Lee, Tae-Yong Lee, Hee-Hong Min

  • Research on the degree and experience of dental hygienists musculoskeletal symptoms

    Jeong-Ran Park, Dong-Wook Han

  • A study on the oral prophylaxis subject satisfaction of the dental hygiene department students in some area

    Hyung-Soon Shim, Hyang-Nim Lee

  • A study on the outcome of IDC (Incremental Dental Care)

    Min-Jung Cho

  • A study on dental professionals’ recognition on a system of long-term care insurance for the elderly

    Kwon-Suk Ahn, Min-Gyeong Ji, Hee-Hong Min

  • Factors that affect the perception on the water fluoridation program of some college students, the receptivity of the pros and cons for the program and their response

    Young-Im Kim, Hye Kyung Lee

  • Analysis of learner needs for advanced dental hygiene major courses

    Young-Ran Jung, Hye-Sook Choi

  • Knowledge about hepatitis B among dental hygiene students in one college

    Ji-Hye Park, Hye-Young Kim, Hyeon-Sook Kwun

  • A study on the oral health of some disabled people with mental retardation

    Il-Soon Park

  • A research of dental hygienists’ recognition on dental infection

    Ka-Yean Lee, Jung-Ae Lee

  • Newspaper analysis of research on dental hygienists in Korea from 2005 to 2008

    Sang-hwan Oh, Yong-Ok Nam, Jong-Hwa Jang

  • A study on the professional self-concept of dental hygiene students and their satisfaction level with clinical practice

    Yong-Ju Kang

  • Awareness of dental hygienists about on-the-job training in public health sector

    Eun-Pyol Cho, Yoon-Sook Hwang, Young-Nam Kim, Deok-Young Park

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June 2009

  • Vol. 9 No. 2
  • A study on the job values and job preference of dental hygiene students

    Kyung-Mi Kim, Young-Ran Jung, Hwa-Jin Han

  • A literature review on expansion of dental hygienists radiography operations

    Young-Suk Choi, Jin-Kyoung Kim, Jong-Hwa Jang, Yong-Duk Park

  • A study on the knowledge and awareness of some health-related and health-unrelated majors about Hepatitis B

    Gi-Ok Jung, Ju-Yeong Kim

  • The study on the state of the elderly oral health and food habits

    Mi-Young Gwon, Young-Soon Won, Yoon-Shin Kim

  • On the awareness and satisfaction of parents with sedation therapy of children visiting pediatric dentistry

    Hee-Hong Min, Mi-Ra Lee, Min-Gyeong Ji

  • Assist works as to implant system which dental hygienists perform in a clinical field

    Yong-Ok Nam, Sun-Sook Kim, Min-Ja Kim, On-Ju Ju

  • A study on the comprehensive oral prophylaxis care at G university

    Eun-Sook Lee, Jeong-Ran Park, Mi-Sook Choi

  • A study on the needs of dental hygiene students in a region for the credit bank system for a bachelor’s degree

    Mi-Jeong Kim, Hye-Kyung Lee

  • The perceived oral health status of elderly people in Jeolla province

    Eun-Mi Kim, Hyang-Nim Lee

  • A survey research on working environment and job importance in dental coordinator

    Bok-Yun Won, Ka-Yean Lee

  • A comparative study on the oral health impact profile in two urban area

    Seol-Hee Kim, In-Suk Park

  • A study on the periodontal care of dental clinic patients

    Eun-Jeong Go, Ka-Yean Lee

  • Relationships between physical pain and preventive actions against musculoskeletal diseases among dental hygiene students

    You-Sun Jung

  • Stress factors by personality type of students department of dental hygiene who will take national examination soon and countermeasures

    Nam-Suk Heo, Jeong-Hee Park, Eun-Hee Kim

  • A study on recognition and practice of dental hygiene students for Infection control dental hygiene major courses

    Ji-Young Lee, Mi-Kyoung Jeong

  • A study on the oral health recognition and oral health education for man high school students

    Mi-Sun Yu, Kyong-Mi Goo, Yun-Jeong Kim

  • A study on the professional identity of dental hygienists

    Sun-Mi Lee

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September 2009

  • Vol. 9 No. 3
  • The implement status of dental hygiene curriculum in Korea and the comparison with the US ADA standard

    Sook-Hyang Kim, Min-Kang Kim, Sang-Hwan Oh, Nancy K. Mann

  • A study of subjective oral health actual condition in elementary school teachers, Daegu area

    Sung-Suk Choi, Jae-Do Kim, Hae-Gyum Ryu

  • A study on the effects of counseling on some dental hygiene students

    Sun-Hee Lee

  • A study on the implementation of infection control at dental offices

    Seung-Hee Woo, Jung-Suk Kwag, On-Ju Ju, Kun-Ok Lim

  • A survey on dental hygiene students’ senses of employment

    Mee-Jin Jeon, Moon-Sil Choi, Jung-Su Park

  • Actual conditions and recognition of dental hygienists for the smoking

    Jeong-Min Seong, Ji-Min Hwang, Ji-Hyun Kim, Jin-Kyoung Kim, Young-Suk Choi, Jong-Hwa Jang, Su-Min Yoo, Kyung-Chul Beom, Yong-Duk Park

  • Psychosocial distress of dental hygienists’and their related factors

    Se-Young Han, Young-Chae Cho, Hee-Hong Min, Min-Gyeong Ji

  • A research on the job satisfaction of dental hygienists an area in Jeollabuk-do – The focus of management system –

    Hye-Won Cheon

  • Research on the subjective status of oral cavity’s health following senior citizens’characteristics

    Jeong-Ran Park, Yeon-Kyoung Lee

  • State of dental treatment among disabled patients at K university hospital pediatric dentistry

    Chang-Hee Kim, Jae-Hong Park, Jin Kim, Sun-Ju Kim

  • Effect of latex gloves on polymerization inhibition of addition silicone impression materials

    Soo-Hwa Kim

  • A study on dental patients’satisfaction at different type(DISC) of character

    Young-Soo Lee, Su-Min Hong

  • Seoul some dental hygienist in the factors affecting job satisfaction study

    Jung-Ock Jung

  • A research on knowledge and behavior for oral health of some middle school students according to the knowledge level of parents

    Hong-Ryurn Park, Nam-Song Kim, Dong-Cho Lee

  • A study on influence of sleep dental treatment on satisfaction degree and revisit to dental clinics

    Yoen-Soon Shin, Jong-Ryol Lee, Kyung-Jin Min

  • A study on the O’Leary index and dental plague index of dental patients

    Sung-Suk Park, Pyeong-Kyu Cho

  • The status of clinical practice for students in the department of dental hygiene

    Jeong-Suk Kim, Eun-Ju Kang, Sun-Ju Kim

  • Study for general characters of dental implant patients and satisfaction level of function by dental interest level

    Eun-Mi Yoo, Yoon-Sook Hwang

  • Current conditions regarding dental infection management recognition of students in the department of dental hygiene

    Yeun-Kyoung Lee, Soon-Duck Kim

  • Relationship between dental anxiety and self-efficacy that patients feel while dental hygienist conduct scaling

    Sung-Suk Bae

  • A study on the relationship of general characteristics to behavioral reaction toward oral malodor

    Gye-Won Jang, Sung-Suk Park

  • A study on job satisfaction according to clinical dental hygienists’career in Busan

    Hyun-Kyung Kang, Hyeon-Sook Kwun

  • A study of subjective oral health actual condition in elementary school teachers, Daegu area

    Kyung-Hee Song, Bong-Jin Bae

  • An analysis of relationship between peer assessment results and self directed learning readiness in a team based learning objected on dental hygiene students

    Su-Jin Chae, Mi-Yeong Hwang

  • The relationship between maxillofacial injury and the use of mouth-gards in athletes

    Kyung-Hwa Paek, Jong-Hwa Jang, Young-Soo Lee

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December 2009

  • Vol. 9 No. 4/li>
  • Recognition on technical skills of temporary resin jacket of dental hygienist

    Kyung-Won Kim, Gwang-Hui Kim

  • Burnout and job satisfaction among dental hygienists in some legions

    Ji-Hye Park

  • A study on the state of customized visiting oral health programs

    Jae-Yeon Jung

  • The comparison of the subjects’s oral health state who were benefited from the elderly scaling care service program (From the visitors of 5 public health centers in South Jeolla Province)

    In-Young Ku, In-Suk Park, Min-Ji Ku

  • A study on the state of customized visiting oral health programs

    Jae-Yeon Jung

  • A study on oral health-related quality of life of among elderly in metropolis

    Kyung- Ja Ryu, Tae-Yong Lee, Keon-Yeop Kim

  • The study about occupational ability of dental hygiene department students required of the dental clinics

    Jung Kim, June-Young Um

  • Relative factors intent to leave for dental hygienists

    Eun-Jeong Go, Young-Ha Cho, Hee-Suk Yoon

  • A study on the degree of depression in dental hygienists

    Se-Young Han, Ka-Yean Lee

  • Research on the status of children’s dental health following mothers’dental health knowledge and behavior

    Hyeon-Sook Kwun, Eun-Gyeong Lee, Gab-Suk Cho

  • A study on the status of recognition, understanding of the use and practical application of oral hygiene devices in dental clinics patients

    Chung-Soon Park, Young-Im Kim, Sun-Hee Jang

  • A study on factors affecting the job satisfaction of dental hygienists in Gwangju

    Hye-Jeong Youn, Young-Nam Park, Myung-Ok Ha

  • Behavioral changes of dental hygiene course students according to oral health knowledge

    Eun-Kyoung Lee, Young-Ok Nam, Seol-Ak Kim, Min-Ji Kim, Dong-Hun Han, Jin-Bom Kim

  • Toothbrushing habits of dental hygiene students and students majoring non-health related field

    Mi-Kyoung Jeong, Eun-Sook Lee, Ji-Hwa Kim, Min-Ji Kim, Dong-Hun Han, Jin-Bom Kim

  • The effect of varnish fluoride on the acid resistance and the remineralization of the enamel

    Min-Jung Cho, Hyung-Soon Shim, Hyang-Nim Lee, Seung-Hee Kim, Ji -Il Park, Eun-Mi Kim, Myung-Ok Ha

  • An investigation on the recognition degrees of the dental clinics’homepages by students of dental hygienic departments in some areas

    Seon-Yeong Kim, Sun-Hee Jang, Sang-Eun Moon

  • Analysis of dental hygiene records applied by dental hygiene process

    Joon-Mee Lee, Won-Gyun Chung, Jae-Ha Yoo, Nam-Hee Kim

  • School loss due to oral disease and the related factors for a middle schools and high schools in Busan, Gyeongnam province

    Kyeung-Ae Jang

  • A study on elderly people’s satisfaction level with oral exercise program

    Yoon-Sook Hwang, Eun-Pyol Cho

  • Analysis of dental hygiene curriculum of dental hygiene programs in Korea

    Hyung-Suk Lee

  • A study of the oral health status and the need of oral management of elderly

    Hye-Jin Kim, Yeon-Gyeong Lee

  • A study of subjective periodontal disease of elderly people

    Yun-Jung Jang

  • A study on dental hygiene department students’ attitude toward infection in a dental hygiene workshop

    Eun-Hee Kim, Seol-Ak Kim

  • A survey on childcare teachers’practice about preschool children oral health promotion

    Soo-Myoung Bae, Kwui-Sook Song, Da-Young Ryu

  • The relationship between oral health concern and the purchase behavior of environmental friendly agricultural products

    Jong-Hwa Jang, Il-Hwan Kim, Je-Uk Cho, Sang-Yup Lee