2012 Vol.12 No.1~No.6

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February 2012

  • Vol. 12 No. 1
  • The effect of job stress in jobholders on xerostomia

    Myung-Eun Kim

  • A study on the oral health behavior of international students in Korean universities -with a focus on Chinese students –

    Sun-Ju Kim

  • Effect of Streptococcus mutans colinization activing in saliva, breast milk, formula milk

    Hyun-Sook Kim, Woo-Yang Choi, Dong-Hyun Lee

  • Psycological analysis of dental orthodontic patients using SCL-90-R

    Hyo-Jin Ko, So-Young Lee, Byeng-Chul Yu

  • Factors of influencing subject oral health perception for the elderly in an urban area

    Hyun-Ju Lim

  • Analysis of related factors for dental fear

    Hyo-Young Lee, Mi-Hyang Na, Yong-Hwan Lee

  • Subjective symptoms and risk assessment of musculoskeletal disorders of the dental hygienists

    Jung-Hee Kim, Wang-Keun Yoo

  • Antimicrobial activities of oral bacteria by lichen extracts

    Eun-Mi Kim, Min-Jeong Cho

  • Effect of cooperative learning on learning strategies, academic self-efficacy and class satisfaction among dental hygiene students

    In-Suk Park, Gui-Sook Song

  • Recognition of college-preparatory students for dental hygienist

    Dong-Yeol Kim, Seung-Hun Lee

  • The preventive effect of fluoride materials on the dental caries by dental polishing prior to fluoride application

    Min-Jung Cho, Myung-Ok Ha, Han-Na Oh

  • Smoking condition of students in dental hygiene and relations with self-esteem in a local district

    Sung-Lim Lee, Eun-Kyung Go, Jeong-Hee Choi

  • The dental status of foreign workers in the pocheon city and the analysis of their oral health behavior

    Eun-Mi Choi, Yun-Sin Song

  • Effects of Mother’s Oral Health Care Behaviors on Dental Caries in Primary School Children

    Young-Nam Kim, Yun-Sin Song, Yoon-Shin Kim

  • Analysis of research ethics education needs impact factors

    Jeong-Min Seong, Yong-Duk Park

  • The effects of dental-hygiene students’goal achievement orientation on their self-efficacy and major adaptation and satisfaction

    Gi-Ok Jung

  • Health promotion lifestyle to the selection factors of dental institutions among some office workers

    Bok-Nyeo Song, Kwui-Sook Song, Sun-Hee Jang

  • Efficient teaching behavior in lecture-style instruction of dental hygiene

    Young-Ran Jung, Sun-Hee Hwang, Se-Youn Ahn, Soo-Hyun Sim, Hwa-Jin Han, Hye-Sook Choi

  • A study on oral health status and oral health behavior practice perceived by workers in part areas

    Mi-Jeong Kim

  • The effect of self-efficacy and job satisfaction of Dental Hygienists’on the organizational commitment and turnover intention

    Hye-Young Kim, Jung-Ok Choi, Mi-Gyung Seong

  • Satisfaction on the practical training of public institution’s staffs in cyber oral health service

    Yoon-Sook Hwang, Eun-Pyol Cho

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April 2012

  • Vol. 12 No. 2
  • Oral health and eating habits characteristics relating to maxillary central incisor color of the university students in their twenties

    Ji-Young Lee, Young-Suk Yoon

  • A study on oral health behavior of shipbuilding company workers

    Eun-ju Kim, Heung-Soo Lee

  • Effect of self-leadership on stress coping in dental hygiene students

    Ju-Yeon Chun, Myong-Suk Shin, Soo-Kyung Kim

  • The effect of dry mouth improvement by oral exercise program in elderly people

    Young-Joo Jeon, Jun-Seon Choi, Su-Jin Han

  • A study on self-esteem and turnover intention according to dental hygienists in part of Jeonbuk area

    Jeong-Suk Kim, Young-Soon Won, So-Young Park

  • Factors upon revisit and intention of recommendation for dental care service

    Hyang-Nim Lee, Hyung-Sun Shim

  • The effects of self-esteem on job-seeking efficacy of dental hygiene students

    Hye-Kyung Lee, Nam-Song Kim

  • The effects of bamboo salt solution on remineralization of artificial caries-like lesions

    Han-Na Oh, Suk-Jin Hong, Hye-Jin Lee, Choong-Ho Choi

  • The correlation among the oral & facial states and the gummy smile in female college students

    Mi-Hyun So

  • A study on subjective oral health awareness and denture satisfaction among elderly people

    Yong-Ju Kang

  • The effect of oral care program for the elderly women of the Visiting oral health care

    Yun-Hui Lee, Sung-Kook Lee

  • Infection control realities and relevant factors in dental hygienists

    Suk Eom, Gyeong-won Kim

  • Classes of humanities and social sciences in the dental hygiene curriculum

    Sang-Eun Moon, Jung-Sook Kwag, Yun-Jeong Kim

  • Research on the usage of oral hygiene devices and the general knowledge, attitude on oral health care in the orthodontic patients

    Hee-Hong Min, Eun-Joo NA, Ji-Hean Jun, Young-Nam Park

  • Influence on Oral Health Condition by Visits to Dental Clinics and Dental Education Experience of East Asian Immigrant Women in Korea

    Hyun-Kyuong Yun, Mi-Sook Choi, Gyu-Yil Choi

  • Comparison between division of health science and dental hygiene in Korea

    Song-Yi Yang, Sook-Hyang Kim, Sang-Hwan Oh

  • Association between amalgam removal and urinary mercury concentration: a pilot study

    Hye-Jin Baek, Kong-Joon Sa, Seo-Young An, Hee-Kyung Lee, Keun-Bae Song, Youn-Hee Choi

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June 2012

  • Vol. 12 No. 3
  • The influence of transforming leadership on the organizational commitment, empowerment and the service quality -focusing on dental hospital’s employees in Gyeongnam province-

    Yu-Jin Choi, Su-Jin Kwon, Su-Hyun Hwang

  • Analysis of difference in oral health management by snack recognition level

    Yun-Jeong Jee, Yun-Hwa Choi

  • The effect of the temperature of rinsing water after brushing on oral malodor

    Woo-Yang Chol, Hyun-Sook Kim

  • The effects of occupational stress on oral health impact profile (OHIP) in local government workers

    Min-Hee Hong

  • The association between oral health behavior intention and self-efficacy of dental hygiene students

    Eun-Jung Choi, Yun-Sin Song

  • The rate of Happycaine’s pain relief when scaling

    Yoon-Joo Kang, Jin-Hee Lim, Ji-Na Song, Ji-Hee Kim

  • Dental hygienists’perspective and coping measures towards medical market opening

    Gi-Ok Jung, Ho-Sun Kim

  • Elastic properties of addition silicone interocclusal recording materials

    Young-Ok Lee, Kyoung-Nam Kim

  • The relationship between the numbers of natural teeth and nutritional status of elderly in Korea -based on 2007~2009 national health and nutrition survey data-

    Bo-Mi Shin, Su-Myoung Bae, Da-Young Ryu, Yong-Keum Choi

  • The effect of tooth bleaching agent contained 35% hydrogen peroxide on the color, microhardness and surface roughness of tooth-colored restorative materials

    Youn-Soo Shim

  • The association of employment status of mother and children’s oral health

    Kong-Joon Sa, Seung-Hee Lee

  • Relationship between perceived oral symptoms and smoking, drinking of high school students in metropolitan area

    Sun-Ju Kim, Gyeong-Soon Han

  • Temporomandibular disorders and risk factors in office workers, service workers, and teachers

    Eui-Gyeong Seo, Soon-Duck Kim, June-Young Lee, Jae-Suk Rim

  • A study on the oral health promotion behavior of dental hygiene students and other major students

    Jeong-Min Seong, Yun-Mi Moon

  • A study on preschooler mother’s responsibility based on experiences of oral health education

    Gab-Suk Cho, Byeng-Chul Yu, Min-Jeong Cho

  • The relationship between workers` health behaviorals, oral health behaviorals and metabolic syndrome risk factors periodontal disease status

    In-Young Ku, Han-Gon Kim1

  • Surface changes of denture base resin according to two toothpastes and a kitchen detergent

    Jae-Kyoung Kang, Soo-Hwa Kim, Eun-Mi Yoo, Hye-Sook Choi, Yu-Ri Choi, Kwang-Mahn Kim

  • Relationship of health-promotion life style to the factors of oral-health practice among workers

    Ji-Yeon Song, Ji-Young Park, Nam-Song Kim

  • The effect of garlic extract on antibacterial activity of periopathogens

    Jong-Hwa Jang, Young-Duk Park, Da-Young Ryu

  • Toothbrush sterilizing effects of using microwave

    Yun-Jeong Ji

  • The association of oral diseases and chronic diseases in Korean adult population

    Hye-Won Cheon, Mi-Sun Yu, Mi-Hye Choi

  • A Study on orthodontic treatment knowledge and attitude among people in general

    Sun-young Lee

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August 2012

  • Vol. 12 No. 4
  • Comparison of knowledge, cognition and practice level on oral health care of the clients visiting dental clinic in Pusan area

    Hae-Ran Kim, Dong-Yeol Kim, Deog-Hwan Moon

  • The laser therapy conditions and satisfaction of the dental patients

    Sun-mi Lee, Ji-eun Park, Eun-ju Kim

  • Factors related to dental service quality evaluated by dental clinic patients

    Jeong-mi Yeon, Tae-yong Lee, Hee-Hong Min

  • Development of measurement scale for Korean scaling fear-1.1

    Myung-Sook Cho, Seung-Ju Yi

  • Dental hygienists work-related musculoskeletal symptoms and factor analysis

    Sae-Rom Park, Youn-Soo Shim, Sang-Hee Jung

  • The exposure of lead and cadmium and the dental caries

    Young-Soon Won, Ho-Jang Kwon, Sang-Chul Rho, Yoo-Mi Chae, Young-Soo Kim, Kwang-Hak Bae

  • A survey on awareness and behavior on preventive method of dental caries in middle school students

    Jung-Hyun Park, Eun-Kyoung Lee, Mi-Suk Cho

  • A recognition study on tourism of dental hygienist in parts areas

    Jin-Kyung Kim, Eun-Ju Kim

  • The recognition on toothbrushing facilities and job status of facility workers in school dental clinic

    Jae-Yeon Jung, Soo-Hwa Kim, Su-Jin Han

  • Comparative study on survival rate of human gingival fibroblasts stored in different storage media

    Hee-Su Lee, You-Sun Lim

  • A relevant factor analysis on dental treatment fear in some high school students

    Sun-Hwa Hong, Jung-Suk Oh

  • Dental hygienistʼs recognition of national health insurance coverage of toothbrushing instruction

    Jung-suk Gkuk, Jae-Ra Lee

  • Awareness of periodontal diseases and implant management among implant wearers

    Boo-Wol Kang, Sun-Mi Lee

  • Through continuing education of dental hygienists for the job satisfaction

    Kyung-Hwa Yoo, Sun-Kyoung Lee, Jeong-Min Seong

  • Dental hygienist image among dental hygiene students according to clinical practice experience

    Hye-Jeong Youn, Jung-Ock Jung, Kyeong-Hee Lee

  • Relationship of DISC behavioral type to job satisfaction among dental hygienists

    Seong-Sook Lee

  • A study on the status of the senior citizensʼ oral health in some areas

    Tae-Jeong Lee, Jung-Ock Jung, Kyeong-Hee Lee

  • The relationship between knowledge, attitude of periodontal diseases and dental health behavior in adolescents

    Su-Jeong Lee, Jong-Hwa Jang

  • Knowledge, attitude, and practice of dental health care in the teacher of local children center

    Jin-Eun Chon, Yeon-Hee Choi

  • A analysis on oral health behaviors of workers and Korean adults

    Youn-Soo Shim, Hee-Sun Woo

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October 2012

  • Vol. 12 No. 5
  • Relationship of the use of some fluoride containing dentifrice on the korean market to children’s fluoride intake in different age groups1

    Kyeong-Hee Lee, Choong-Ho Choi, Suk-Jin Hong

  • A study on quality assessment of dental office websites

    Seon-Yeong Kim , Nam-Song Kim

  • Effect of reflective journaling in team learning on the learning motivation of learners

    In-Suk Park, Mi-Jeong Kim

  • The comparison on periodontal attitude and oral health promotion behavior by dental hygiene process applies

    Hye-young Oh, Chang-hee Kim, Yong-Ho Park, Soon-Hwan Lim, Jin Kim

  • Analysis of the factors associated with awareness of community water fluoridation program

    Yu-Jin Kim, So-Yeong Baek, Se-Yeon An, Mi-Hui Lee, Seon-Yeong Lee, Yeon-Ju Lee, Yu-Ri Lee, Mi-Hui In, Da-Eun Han, Jun-Seon Choi

  • Relationship between occupational stress and musculoskeletal symptoms of upper extremities among dental hygienists

    So-Young Lee, Hyo-Jin Ko, Byeng-Chul Yu

  • A study on the effect of self-efficacy and stress-coping method of dental hygienist

    Young-Soon Won, So-Young Park, Jeong-Suk Kim

  • A study on the actual conditions of oral health education for the elderly in some communities

    Young Kim, Eun-Ju Lee, Min-Kyung Kim, Yeong-Mi Lim, Youn-Ju Shin, Jung-Ock Jung, Hye-Jeong Youn, Kyeong-Hee Lee

  • Effectiveness of oral health promotion on the oral health education in some high school students

    Kyoung-Hee Shin

  • Community periodontal index and osteoporosis relevance

    Yun-Jung Jang, Nam-Song Kim

  • The knowledge of infection control, practice and performance of dental hygienists

    Jung-Hyun Park, Kyeung-Ae Jang

  • Adults’self-reported of dry mouth and it’s associated impact factors

    Hee-Jung Park, Youn-Soo Shim

  • A survey study on recognition of periapical radiography in dental hygiene students

    Il-Soon Park, Jung-Ock Jung, Kyeong-Hee Lee

  • Knowledge of adolescents and adults about water fluoridation among the residents of Seoul

    Young-Jae Yoo, Kwang-Soo Kim

  • Oral health concern and oral healthcare recognition of some soldiers

    Soo-Yeon Han, Kwui-Sook Song, Da-Young Ryu

  • A study on the relationship between patient’s medical communication, reliance and satisfaction to dental hygienist

    Jung-Hwa Lee, Jung-Mi Choi

  • Comparison of the quality of life of adults and elderly

    Eun-Gyeong Lee

  • Correlation analysis of factors and the geriatric oral health-related quality of life in Gumi

    Han-Na Kim, In-Young Ku, Seon-Jeong Moon

  • Analysis of the education objectives of the dental hygiene department from core competencies-based perspective

    Gyu-Yil Choi, Hyung-Suk Lee

  • Oral health knowledge and oral hygiene care among some orthodontic patients

    Yong-Ju Kang

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December 2012

  • Vol. 12 No. 6/li>
  • A study on factors affecting the oral health care behavior of mothers for young children

    Sae-Na Lee, Eun-Sook Kim

  • Comparison of the accuracy of digital models made from white light scanner by scanning method

    Ki-Baek Kim, Gyeong-Tak Lee, Jae-Hong Kim

  • A study on satisfaction in major and job esteem based on volunteering experience of college students in the department of dental hygiene and nursing

    Mi-A Shin, Kwon-Suk Ahn

  • Influence of parents’ knowledge for oral hygiene on the oral health of their infants1

    Su-Youn Seo, Seung-Hun Lee, Dong-Yeol Kim

  • Survey on the first-aid and emergency medical equipment with the perception and use in dental hygienists1)

    Da-Young Ryu

  • A study on oral health awareness-recognition factors and oral health promotion activities of social workers engaged in child care facilities

    Sun-A Lim, Ae-Hee Song, Myeong-Seon Lee

  • Relationship between musculoskeletal subjective symptoms and work environment in dental hygienists

    Hae-Kyoung Kim, Hyun-Suk Park, Young-Sun Kim

  • A study on dental hygienists’ job expectation

    Mi-Yeong Hwang, Hye-Young Oh, Bok-Yeon Won

  • Analysis of related factors for dental treatment of fear and distrust of dentists

    Sung-Suk Choi

  • Relationship between Streptococcus mutans levels and dental caries experience

    Seol-Hee Kim, Dong-won Seo

  • An effect of medical service of the dental hygienist upon patients’ satisfaction and the intention of hospital revisit

    Soo-Kyung Kim, Hye-Jeong Youn, Kyeong-Hee Lee

  • Analysis of factors related to the dental caries and periodontal diseases of the elderly

    Jae-Yeon Jang, Young-Shin Nam

  • The influence on infant oral health care from mother’s experience of oral health education

    Chung-Soon Park, Eun-Ju Kang, Ji-Yeon Song, Kwui-Sook Song

  • Association between dental caries experience and performance of the dietary action guides among the special school for students of disability

    Hee-Jung Moon, Seol-Ak Kim, Hee-Jung Park

  • Analysis of factors associated with oral care self-efficacy in the type 2 diabetic patients

    Hui-Eun Kang, Jun-Seon Choi

  • Survey of proper practice of toothbrushing place in elementary school, middle school and high school in some part of Gyeonggi-Do

    Sun-Mi Lee, Boo-Wol Kang, Seon-Hong Park, Hyun-Sook Lee, Soo-Myoung Bae

  • A analysis on oral health behaviors of High School students in Gyeonggi

    Young-Suk Choi, Bo-Hye Jun

  • Non-therapeutic purposes in orthodontics and correction of tooth and jaw surgery for the recognition of some students on research

    Mi-Hyun Kang, Eun-Sook Lee, Cheon-Hee Lee, Sun-Sook Kim

  • Relationship of satisfaction with major and clinical practice among some dental hygiene students

    Mi-Kyoung Jeong, Ji-young Lee

  • A study on the relationship of oral health education experience to oral health awareness among workrs

    Sung-Suk Park, Gye-Won Jang, Yeong -Ae Lee