2015 Vol.15 No.1~No.6

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February 2015

  • Vol. 15 No. 1
  • Influencing factors on happiness index in clinical dental hygienists

    Hee-Hong Min

  • The relationship between noise awareness, hearing ability, and dental hygiene performance in dental hygienists

    Kyung-Hwa Park, Hyo-Jin Kim

  • Related factors to dental care utilization and oral health status in immigrant workers in Korea

    In-Suk Nam, Kyeong-Soo Lee, Eun-Jin Jang2

  • The factors of oral health beliefs on scaling performance by national health insurance coverage in consumers

    Myung-Sun Lee, Hee-Jung Lim

  • Cognition of dental caries prevention by the level of the social economic status in Korea: Based on Gallup survey

    Hye-Jung Jin, Eun-Kyung Jung, Young-Eun Lee, Keun-Bae Song

  • Influencing factors to dental caries and periodontal diseases in Korean adults

    Yu-Jin Jung, Mi-Hyang Cho, Deog-Hwan Moon

  • Associated factors of self-reported dry mouth in adults

    Sun-Sook Kim, Hye-Jeong Youn

  • Relationship between bone mineral density and the remaining teeth in Korean adults

    Hye-Jeong Song, Duk-Hee Lee

  • The influencing factors of denture satisfaction in the low income elderly people

    Ji-Hui Lee, Mi-Hyang Cho, Deog-Hwan Moon

  • Effect of values on major satisfaction in dental hygiene students

    Mi-Na Kim, Yun-Min Heo, Hyoung-Joo Kim, Yong-Soon Ahn

  • Relationship between internet addiction and health in dental hygiene students

    Hyun-Joo Kang, Jung-Hwa Lee

  • Knowledge and attitude change towards radiation protection after radiation safety management education in dental hygiene students

    Sung-Ae Kim, Ji-Young Lee, Se-Hyun Hwang, Mi-Suk Cho, Jung-Hyun Park, Nam-Yeong Jung, Byeng-Chul Yu

  • The impact of health belief model in the middle and high school students on oral health behaviors

    Hee-Jung Lim, Hyoung-Joo Kim, Yong-Soon Ahn

  • Relationship between dental caries and oral health behavior in middle and high school students: The Ninth(2013) Korean Youth Risk Behavior Web-based Survey

    Jong-Hwa Lee, Ji-Min Baek, Jin-Yeong Yoo

  • Influencing factors on oral health related self-efficacy and social support in high school students

    Im-Young Kim, Sang-Hui Yu

  • Current education status of the community dental hygiene practice

    Yeun-Ju Kim, Yang-Keum Han, Young-Kyung Kim, Hyun-Ju Lim, Yang-Ok Kown, Han-Mi Kim, Jeong-Ran Park, Nam-Hee Kim

  • Oral health and hygiene in the neurosurgical patients in intensive care unit

    Eun-Kyong Kim, Hee-Kyung Lee

  • Oral health condition, recognition, and practice in prisoners

    Da-Young Ryu, Kwui-Sook Song, Soo-Yeon Han

  • The demand for the change in Korean dental hygiene curriculum

    Bok-Yeon Won, Ui-Jung Jung, Jong-Hwa Jang

  • Relationship between toothbrushing and hand washing according to health education experience in middle school students

    Ja-Hea Yoo, Yong-Ok Nam

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April 2015

  • Vol. 15 No. 2
  • Preparation for old age of dental hygienists

    Youn-Soo Shim, Hee-Sun Woo

  • Relationship between saliva factors and oral hygiene factors in adults

    Min-Hee Hong

  • Health-related quality of life by oral health behavior and oral health status for the Middle-aged people

    Bo-Ae Moon, Sun-Rak Jeong, Jung-Yoo Jang, Keon-Yeop Kim

  • Psychological state of the patients according to skeletal class Ⅲ malocclusion symptoms

    Sun-Ok Kim, Mi-Young Jin, Byeng-Chul Yu

  • Perceived oral health awareness in dementia and dementiasuspected depending on KMME

    Eun Sook, Kim, Min-Hee Hong

  • Influencing factors on functional, psychological, and aesthetic satisfaction in dental prosthetic treatment

    Da-Hye Choi, Kyeong-Hee Lee


  • Influencing factors on oral health behavior and dental clinic use in industrial workers by Andersen model

    Ae-Jung Im, Yun-Min Heo, Hyoung-Joo Kim, Hee-Jung Lim

  • The oral health awareness and oral health care provided by workers in long-term elderly care facilities

    Jeong-Ran Park, Min-Hee Hong, Yu-Ri Choi

  • Oral health behavior according to oral health education experience in the elementary school teachers

    Jung-Hwa Lee, Hae-Gyum Ryu

  • Correlation and influencing factors on oral health awareness, oral health behavior, self-esteem and OHIP-14 in childcare teachers

    Sung-Lim Lee, Jung-Suk Kwag, Jeong-Hee Choi

  • Evaluation of community water fluoridation program on dental caries prevention in Ulsan

    Min-Ji Kim, Se-Ho An, Dong-Hun Han, Han-Na Kim, Eun-Joo Jun, Seung-Hwa Jeong, Jin-Bom Kim

  • Correlations of self-esteem, major satisfaction and career identity in dental hygiene students

    Kyung-Hwa Park, Hye-Jung Choi

  • Influence of achievement motivation and self concept on clinical practice satisfaction in the dental hygiene students

    Jeong-Hee Choi, Eun-Kyoung Ko, Sung-Lim Lee

  • Effect of gender role identity on choice of dental hygiene and professionalism

    Seon-Yeong Kim, Yun-Jeng Kim, Sang Eun Moon

  • Effects of cooperative learning on learning attitude and self-directed learning capability of learners

    In-Suk Park, Eun-Ju Jeong

  • The effects of xylitol and sorbitol mouth rinse on caries activity

    Seung-Hun Lee, Joon Sakong

  • Oral environmental change in the natural oral cleaner containing propolis

    Woo Yang Choi, Ji Youn Lee, Hwa Young Jung, Lim Kun Ok, Sang Hee Jung

  • Tooth whitening maintenance efficacy of dentifrices containing several active ingredients in vitro and in vivo

    Jae-Hyun Ahn, Ji-Hye Kim, Jong-Hoon Kim

  • Oral health related quality of life according to firefighters’ job characteristics

    Se-Hyun Hwang, Sung-Ae Kim, Ji-Young Lee, Hyo-Jin Ko, Jung-Hyun Park, Sang-Hwa Urm, Byeng-Chul Yu

  • Comparison of liberal arts curricula between three year and four year dental hygiene departments in Korea

    Bok-Yeon Won, Gye-Won Jang, Mi-Yeong Hwang, Jong-Hwa Jang

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June 2015

  • Vol. 15 No. 3
  • Analysis of the knowledge and insurance screening review rates of health insurance claims in the dental hygienist

    Sin Young Park, Hye Ri Moon1

  • Impact factor of cognition and practice of infection control in the dental hygienists

    Ho-Jin Jeong, Jung-Hwa Lee

  • Relation between learning strategy and academic achievement in the dental hygiene students

    Eun Kyung Jung

  • The influence of the retirement expectation on retirement preparation in the dental technicians

    Duck-Hye Lee, Chang-Hee Kim, Sun-Mi Lee

  • Correlation between stress, dry mouth and halitosis in adults

    Min-Hee Hong

  • Influence of metabolic on periodontal disease in Korean adults

    Sook-Yi Kim, Hee-Gyung Jang

  • Oral health status and care needs of elderly patients in longterm care hospital

    Ju-Hyun Lee, Tae-Yoon Hwang

  • The relationship between objective oral health conditions and subjective oral health perception of the elderly in Gimcheon

    Jong-Hwa Lee, Jung-Sook Kim, Mae-Sook Jun, Hyun-Kyung Yun

  • The effects of life habits of some elders on subjective symptoms of periodontal disease

    Mi-Jeong Kim

  • Influencing factors of removable denture satisfaction in the elderly

    Hye-Jeong Youn, Sun-A Lim, Eun-Ju Jung

  • Effects of subjective oral health condition and oral health behavior on happiness in the elderly people

    Chung-Soon Park, So-Young Park

  • Oral health impact profile(OHIP) according to the oral health behavior of foreign workers

    Sung-Uk Yoon, In-Suk Nam

  • Related factors of oral health-related quality of life in the severely disabled people

    Mi-Jeong Bae, Se-Hyun Hwang, Sung-Ae Kim, Ji-Young Lee, Jung-Ae Yoon, Jung-Hyun Park, Sang-Hwa Urm, Byeng-Chul Yu

  • The influence of subjective awareness of dental health status on the use of dental hygienic devices

    Kyeong-Hee Lee, Eun-Seo Jung

  • Oral health behavior and related factors in public health majoring students

    Yeo-Jung Han, Mi Ah Han, So Yeon Ryu, Seong Woo Choi

  • Influence of socio-demographic characteristics and ethical type on self-esteem in dental hygiene students

    Hye-Kyung Lee, On-Ju Ju

  • A comparative analysis of oral health behavior in adolescents between multicultural and ordinary Korean families

    Ji-Hye Park

  • Correlation between health behaviors and experiences of oral diseases in adolescents

    Mi-So Kim, Hyang-Suk Park, Yoon-Sin Kim

  • The effect of eugenol on the induction of apoptosis in HSC-2 human oral squamous cell carcinoma

    Yong-Ho Kim, Bong-Soo Park

  • A Survey on dental college students’ perception and understanding of dental hygienists

    Go-Eun Park, Yun-Mi Lee, Jun-Gyu Lee, Hyun-Sun Jeon

  • Impact of working environment on the subjective health symptoms in the dental hygienists

    Ka-Young Jeong, Hye-Eun Cho

  • A comparative analysis of competencies in American Dental Education Association and American Dental Hygiene Schools

    Da-Som Choi, Sook-Hyang Kim, Jin-Soo Kim

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August 2015

  • Vol. 15 No. 4
  • The effect of oral health education for the elderly using Qscan™

    Mi Kim, Su-Young Lee, Young-Sik Cho

  • Oral health of the elderly people receiving nursing care and home care serivces in Chungnam

    Hee-kyung Jang, Eun Mi Choi, Boo-Soon Son

  • Relationship between oral health locus of control and oral health behavior promotion in the adolescents

    Im-Young Kim

  • The Effect of family function and oral health concern on the oral health impact profile(OHIP) in the adolescents

    Kyung-Hee Lee, Hea-Shoon Lee

  • Relations between oral health status and subjective oral health recognition in Korean adolescents

    Dong-Geon Lee, Wang-Keun Yoo1

  • Analysis of academic achievement in comprehensive dental hygiene courses using MBTI personality type

    Hyun-Sun Jeon, Keun-Ok Lim, Yong-Keum Choi

  • Awareness towards employment in the dental hygiene students

    Song-Yi Yang, Ga-Yeon Son, Mi-Suk Cho, Sang-Hwan Oh

  • Relationship between multiple intelligences, academic selfefficacy and satisfaction with major in dental hygiene students

    Yong-Ok Nam, Mi-Hye Choi

  • Satisfaction towards clinical training institution according to clinical practice contents in the dental hygiene students

    Jeong-Hee Park, Myeong-Ju Lee, Hyo-Jin Goo

  • Relationship between emotional labor, burnout and turnover intention in the dental hygienists

    Hea-Seung Oh

  • The related factors of severity of musculo-skeletal pain in the dental hygienists based on PRECEDE model

    Ae-Eun Moon, Jong Park

  • Difference of visiting time and major cause of disease by operating time changes of a university dental emergency room

    Hie-Jin Noh, So-Jung Mun, Hyun-Sun Jeon, Sung-Suk Bae1

  • Influencing factors of self-reported dry mouth in the employees in social welfare facilities

    Sun-A Lim, Eun-Ju Jung, Hye-Jeong Youn

  • Change of salivary flow rate, xerostomia, and oral healthrelated quality of life after oral muscle massage

    Eun-Ju Kim, Jung-Suk Kwag

  • Subjective oral status perceptionand oral health impact profile(OHIP) according to the oral health management among international and domestic university students

    Sung-Uk Yoon, Eun-Sook Lee, Young-Nam Park

  • Relationship between dental fear and subjective oral healthrelated quality of life

    Kyeong-hee Lee, So-ra Kim, Ji-hye Gu, Chan-ju Kim, Da-Hye Choi

  • Effect of continuing dental care program by elementary school dental clinic in Gimcheon

    Ok-Sun Choi, Hye-Jin Kim, Sun-ju Jang

  • Morphological aspect of the attached bacteria by the sterilization method of the ultrasonic scaling tip

    Seoul-Hee Nam, Yu-rin Kim

  • The effect of the cytotoxicity of sodium lauryl sulfate containing toothpaste on HaCaT and NIH-3T3 cells

    Sang-Rye Park, Young-Min Kim, Byul-Bora Choi, Ji-Young Kim

  • Recognition towards oral health care and plaque removal in the elderly people

    Jung-Suk Kwak, Seung-Hee Woo, Jae-Ra Lee

  • Antimicrobial activities against oral bacteria and growth inhibition against Actinomyces viscosus using Lentinus edodes various extracts

    So-Ra Han, Kun-Ok Lim, Tae-Jin Oh

  • Influencing factors on perception of patient medical information protection in dental hygiene students

    Young-In Kim, Sook-Hyang-Kim, Jong-Hwa Jang

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October 2015

  • Vol. 15 No. 5
  • Needlestick injuries in the dental hygienists

    Jeong-Mi Jeon, Soon-Ryun Lim, Young-Sik Cho

  • Choice motivation of dental clinics by patients

    Hyang-Nim Lee, Hyung-Sun Shim

  • Influencing factors on awareness toward oral health education in elementary school teachers

    Hye-Won Cheon

  • Influencing factors on anxiety and depression before and after dental prosthetic treatment in the patients

    Sun-Hwa Kwon, Han-Gon Kim

  • The prevalence and association factors of unmet dental care needs in Korean adults: The 5th Korea national health and nutritional examination survey

    Min-Kyung Lee, Hye-Jung Jin

  • Influence of organizational communication satisfaction on job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intention : Focused on the mediated effects of interpersonal stress

    Young-Nam Park, Yong-Keum Choi, Da-Young Ryu

  • Relationship between self-efficacy and learning attitude according to smoking experience in the middle school students

    Eun-Joo Son, Kyeung-Ae Jang

  • Relationship between health behavior and oral symptoms in Korean adolescents

    Ji-Hye Park, Chang-Suk Kim

  • Influencing factors of non-utilization of dental care among adults in Korea: Using 2012 Korean National Health and Nutrition Survey

    Hyung-Soon Shim, Song-Sook Kim, Ji Hyun Kim

  • Influencing factors of turnover intention in the clinical dental hygienists

    Hee-Hong Min, ji-Hyun Jeon, Young-Suk Kim

  • Satisfaction with instruction medium according to learner attitude and lecture mode in the dental hygiene students

    Seon-Ju Sim, Su-Min Hong, Jung-Eun Ha, Jeong-Ran Park

  • Influence of social characteristics and self leadership on stress coping method in the dental hygiene students

    Hye-Kyung Lee

  • Awareness and activation towards dental medical tourism

    Yu-Ri Choi, Sun-Ok Jang, Yoon-Jeong Cho, Youn-Soo Shim

  • Oral health characteristics of the multicultural international marriage women in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk, Korea

    Jong-Hwa Lee, In-Suk Nam, Mae-Sook Jun, Hyun-Kyung Yun

  • Analysis of attitude and influencing factors toward basic life support in the dental hygienists

    Kyung-Yi Jeong, Min-Jung Cho

  • Awareness toward the informed consent in the dental hygienists and the patients

    Hye-Jeong Jin, Ga-Young Kim, Mi-Gyung Seong

  • Oral health-related quality of life (OHIP-14) according to smoking

    Ki-Ha Jeon, Ju-Yul Lee, Ji-Eun Lee

  • Regional Difference of Chronic Periodontal Care Services in Korea

    Young-Ju Yoon, Kyeong-Soo Lee, Chang-Suk Kim, Chang-Yoon Kim, Tae-Yoon Hwang

  • Development and implementation of national competency standard: based on preventive dentistry and practice

    Min-Jung Cho, Nam-Hee Hong, Myung-Ok Ha

  • Work-related stress and depressive symptoms among dental hygienists

    Mi-Young Kwon, Ji Hyun Kim

  • Oral disease and oral health care in the diabetic patients

    Hye-Sook Choi, Young-Ran Jung

  • The effect of gender role identity on the satisfaction and self effectiveness with job performance of dental hygienist

    Seon-Yeong Kim, Hye-eun Cho

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December 2015

  • Vol. 15 No. 6
  • Surgical therapy of keratocystic odontogenic tumors

    Ji-Su Oh, Su-Gwan Kim

  • Relationship between metabolic syndrome and oral diseases in the middle aged and elderly people

    Hyun-Joo Kang, Byeng-Chul Yul

  • Relationship between health factor, oral health factor and prevalence of depression in Korean elderly

    Ju-Yeon Chun, Eun-Seo Jung

  • Correlation with subjective oral health status and food preference in elderly people

    Chung-Soon Park, In-Ja Kim, So-Young Park

  • Influencing factors of satisfaction and revisiting intention of dental implant patients

    Jong-Hwa Lee, Chun-Man Park

  • Relationship between body mass index(BMI) and periodontal disease in Korean adult: The fifth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey(KNHANES V-1)

    Min-Kyung Lee, Hye-Jung Jin

  • Oral health behavior and oral health education experience among Korean adolescents: The ninth(2013) web-based survey of Korean youth risk behavior

    Hyunkyung Oh, Yunshin Song, Sohee An, Sungsoo Chun

  • Effect of communication competence on the organizational effectiveness in dental hygienists

    Ah-reum Gwon, Su-Jin Han

  • Influence of elderly-related experience on attitude toward elderly in dental hygiene students

    Bo-Hye Jun, Young-Suk Choi

  • Attitude toward medical health information in the dental hygiene students

    Seong-Sook Le

  • Effect of part-time employment experience on adaptation to university life in dental hygiene students

    Seon-Haeng Shin

  • Self-efficacy, self-image, and image as a dental hygienist of the dental hygiene student

    Sung-Suk Park, Gye-Won Jang, Eun-Ju Seo

  • Factors associated with community scaling rate : Using community health survey data

    Ji-Min Kim, Ju-Won Ha, Ji-Soo Kim, Yeon-Ho Jung, Dong-Suk Kim, Ga-Yeong Lee1, Young-Eun Jang, Nam-Hee Kim

  • Comparison of quantitative detection of periodontal pathogens before and after scaling by real-time polymerase chain reaction

    Young-Sun Kim, Jung-Hwa Lee, Young-Eun Lee

  • Awareness and actual condition toward nonsmoking policy in Korean adult

    Yun-Jung Jang

  • The influence of community oral hygiene promotion program on oral hygiene practice behavior in children

    Young-Sook Kim

  • Relationship between educational satisfaction and learning participation in dental hygiene students

    Mi-Yeong Hwang, Gye-Won Jang, Bok-Yeon Won

  • Parents’ recognition and attitudes toward national health insurance coverage of sealant by dental hygienist

    Yun-Jeong Kim

  • Awareness and satisfaction toward health insurance coverage of scaling

    Jae-Yeon Jung, Mi-Hee Lim

  • Factor associated with oral health-related quality of life in adults

    Hye-Jeong Youn, Sun-Sook Kim