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June 2017

  • Vol. 17 No. 3
  • The effect of oral health behavior of the visually impaired on DMFT index

    Jong-Hwa Lee·Seung-Hee Lee·Hyun-Kyung Yun

  • A study on the perception and needs about dental infection control of the dental patients

    Kyeong-Hee Lee·Ji-Eun Yang·Seon-Ho Mun·Ji-Eun Kim

  • Factors affecting the recognition about scaling after health insurance benefit business for scaling by national health insurance corporation

    Kyeong-Hee Lee·Ji-Young Son·Haeng-Ock Lee·Song-Hee Shin·Hyeon-Ji Jeon·Hwan-Jun You·Seon-Ho Mun·Ji-Yeon Kim

  • Level of fear on scaling according to preventive treatment experiences in the adults

    Soo-Kyung KimㆍJi-Hye KooㆍYe-Jin KimㆍYoo-Jin ParkㆍHee-Gyeong YoonㆍDa-Jung Lee·Eun-A Jeung·Eun-Seo Jung

  • The concentration differences of dental caries induced organic acids which are produced after intake of sucrose and carbonated drinks

    Jung-Eun Park·Jong-Hwa Jang

  • Effects of musical intervention on the fear and anxiety reduction during scaling

    Yong-Ok Nam·On-Ju Ju·Kwang-Hee Lee

  • The correlations between psychological empowerment, leader-member exchange (LMX) and job satisfaction in dental hygienists

    Na-Na Yoon·Ji-Young Lee·Byeng-Chul Yu

  • Study of dental hygienists' recognition and experiences about sexual harassment in the workplace

    Han-Na OhㆍYoung-Soon Won

  • Oral health beliefs and oral health behaviors related factors of dental hygiene students

    Bo-Ram Lee·Young-Hoon Lee

  • Effect of Cimicifuga rhizoma extract on the odontoblastic differentiation of MDPC-23 cells

    Byul-Bora Choi·Ji-Young Kim·Sang-Rye Park

  • The effects of emotional labor of dental hygienist on the job stress, anxiety and sleep

    Hye-Young Park·Gye-Won Jang·Gung-Hwa Lee·Min-Kyung Lee·Geong-Won Lee·Yong Iim·Jong-Ryol Lee·Hye-Jin Kim

  • Association with oral symptom experiences by level of subjective stress recognition in the Korean adolescents

    Yeo-Jung Han·Han-Soo Kim·So-Yeon Ryu

  • The practices of dental implant maintenance care in dental service consumers according to their knowledge and attitude

    Su-Jin Han·Hyun-Jung Kim·Hwa-Jin Han·Eun-Mi Yoo

  • Antimicrobial activities of Ramaria botrytis (Fr.) against oral bacteria

    Ki-Hwa Kim·So-Ra Han·Byeol-Lee Kim·Sang-Hee Jung·Tae-Jin Oh

  • A study on the needs of independent dental hygiene practices in the public dental hygienists

    Young-Eun Jang·Sun-Su Heo·Eun-Kyeong Kim·Nam-Hee Kim

  • The levels of the vocational awareness and the professional ethics recognition in clinical dental hygienists

    Sun-Mi Lee·Seok-Yeon Cheon

  • Changes in factors on unmet dental scaling rate according to the National Health Insurance coverage

    Han-Nah Kim·Chun-Bae Kim·Nam-Hee Kim

  • Correlation between belief in hand hygiene, related activities and performance rate among dental staff

    Ju-Hui Jeong·Hie-Jin Noh·Ja-Hea Yoo·So-Jung Mun