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October 2017

  • Vol. 17 No. 5
  • A literature study on long term care for the elderly in Korea and Japan

    Kyung-Min Kim·Nam-Hee Kim·Gung-Hwa Lee·Hyun-Seo Yoon·Hye-Young Park·Hye-Jin Kim

  • A study on anxiety about dental radiography among adults

    Kyeong-Hee Lee·Eun-A Kim·Ji-Hyeon Baek·Su-Yeon Heo·Eun-Seo Jung

  • The correlation between the internalㆍexternal satisfaction and organizational commitment of dental hygienist

    Hae-Gyum Ryu

  • Periodontal disease-related recognition and oral health-related behavior in orthodontic patients with fixed appliance

    Kyung-Sun Choi·Sang-Eun Moon·Yun-Jeong Kim·Seon-Yeong Kim·Hye-Eun Cho·Hyun-Joo Kang

  • Perception of infection control activities and patient safety culture among dental hygienists

    Eun-Mi Choi·Hie-Jin Noh·Won-Gyun Chung·So-Jung Mun

  • The relationship between dental hygienist's exposure to incivility at workplace and their turnover intention

    Ji-Lynag Son·Jong-Hwa Jang

  • Performance of elderly oral health management and related factors among care workers in long-term-care hospitals

    Se-Eun Choi·Mi-Ah Han·Jong Park·So-Yeon Ryu

  • Oral health knowledge among nursing home employees and needs to educate on elderly oral care

    Ji-Il Park·Kyung-Yi Jeong·Myung-Ok Ha

  • Remineralization effect of bamboo salt on incipient subsurface caries enamel

    Ae-Ok Kim·Kyung-Hee Kim·Myung-Ok Ha

  • The relationship between subjective body shape perception, health factors, and oral health factors among Korean adolescents - based on the 2015 Korea Youth Risk Behavior Web-Based Survey -

    Kyeong-Hee Lee

  • Relationship between life satisfaction, awareness of old age and preparation for old age of dental hygienists

    Mi-Ra Lee·Kyung-Hwa Park

  • A study on employment preparation behavior based on motive to select dental hygiene as major and their work value among dental hygiene students

    Seon-Haeng Shin

  • The association of smoking and drinking status with gingival symptoms among the adolescents in Korea

    Mi-Ra Lee

  • Awareness and educational needs on preventive dental treatment among oral health workers

    Jae-Yeon Jung·Su-Jin Han

  • Effect of perceived stress on general health and oral health status in elderly: results from the Korea national health and nutrition examination survey 2014

    Eun-Sil Choi·Han-A Cho

  • Effects of baobab extracts on the acute orofacial pain in rat model

    Ja-Hyeong Choi·Yun-Kyung Kim·Hee-Jin Kim·Hyun-Seo Yoon·Kyung-Yae Hyun·Min-Kyung Lee

  • Analysis of trade newspapers related to dental hygienists as healthcare professionals using language analysis technique: using R program

    Song-Yi KimㆍGa-Rim YoonㆍDong-Hyun KangㆍSu-Jin KimㆍSi-Eun LeeㆍSoo-Bin JangㆍSeong-Min HongㆍJi-Hoon HwangㆍNam-Hee Kim

  • The study on the happiness index and department satisfaction of dental hygiene students

    Ae-Ri ShinㆍSun-A Lim

  • The relations between dental care compliance and service satisfaction of patients depending on dental hygienists' communication patterns perceived by patients

    Seon-Yeong Kim