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February 2018

  • Vol. 18 No. 1
  • The antibacterial effect of Pleurotus eryngii extracts on oral bacteria

    In-Young Chon·Eun-Ji Yu·Sang-Cheol Yu·Ji-Youn Lee·Sang-Hee Jung·Tae-Jin Oh1,2

  • A clinical experimental study on tooth whitening effectiveness in toothpaste of containing natural extracts

    Hyun-Seo Yoon·Hye-Jin Kim

  • Effects of emotional labor and job characteristics on job stress and turnover intention in dental hygienists using the structural equation model

    Boo-Keun Choi·Jin-Soo Kim·Mi-Na Ha

  • Job stress according to the working environment of clinical dental hygienists

    Sun-Young Han·So-Jung Mun·Sung-Suk Bae·Hiejin Noh

  • The relationships among professional self-concept, self-esteem and job satisfaction in the clinical dental hygienists

    Hee-Hong Min

  • The relationship among the experiences of chronic diseases, dental health status, and the behaviors in the Korean elderly people

    Yeo-Jung Han·Sun-Hwa Hong·Mi-Sun Yu

  • Scaling pain and related factors in adults

    Eun-Seo Jung·Yeon-Jin Joo·Ga-Young Lee·Yu-Kyung Choi·Soo-Kyung Kim

  • Relationship between consumption of nutrition and periodontal diseases in Korean menopausal women: Based on the Korea national health and nutrition examination survey in 2013

    Su-Yeon Hwang·Hae-Young Kim

  • The correlation between soft drink consumption and subjective oral symptoms in Korean adolescents

    Ji-Hye Park

  • The effect of gender between the oral symptoms experience and health behavior factors

    Won-Jeong Lee·Bo-Youl Choi·Kyung-Gyun Hwang

  • A case study on the difference of communication competency for dental hygiene process of care in the students of a dental hygiene department by the evaluator

    Jin-Sun Choi·Su-Ra Jeong·Yong-Keum Choi