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April 2018

  • Vol. 18 No. 2
  • The effect of dental hygienist’s work environment on job satisfaction and organizational commitment

    Nam-Suk Kim·Na-Na Yoon·Ye-Hwang Kim·Jeong-Hee Park·Hye-Jin Kim·Jung-Hwa Lee

  • Factors influencing the organizational citizenship behaviors in clinical dental hygienists

    Hee-Hong Min·Mi-Hae Yun·Kwon-Suk Ahn

  • Recognition of the national health insurance for dental scaling and change in oral health care interest

    Eun-Seo Jung·Min-Ji Kim·Ga-Young Park·Min-Ji Kim·Ju-Hyun Park·Soo-Kyung Kim

  • The characteristics of heterosexuality of unmarried adults and factors affecting oral health behavior and concern

    Kyeong-Hee Lee·Na-Yeong Kim·Kyoung-Hwa Na·La-Yeon Cho·Eun-Seo Jung

  • Relationship between the number of remaining teeth and bone health status among the elderly in Korea

    Youn-Young Cho

  • Differences in oral health behavior and quality of life among the elderly depending on income and education levels

    Hye-Jung Yang·Won-Sik Suh

  • Analysis of the factors of dental hygiene plans influencing patients of the dental hygiene program based on dental hygiene process

    Yu-Rin Kim

  • Effects of clinical practice and major satisfaction of dental hygiene students on career preparation behavior

    Soo-Kyung Kim·Ri-U Kang·Eun-Yong Kim·Jung-Eun Moon·Ji-Hee Jang·Eun-Seo Jung

  • Effect of servant leadership of dentists on organizational culture and the happiness index of dental hygienists

    Na-Yeon Kim·Hyeon-Suk Bae·Yu-Min Kang