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December 2018

  • Vol. 18 No. 6
  • Survey on the working environment of national clinical dental hygienists

    Hyun-Sook Kang·Young-Ran Jung·Youn-Young Cho

  • Dental hygiene curriculum proposals to improve the ability of dental hygienists as medical professionals

    Eun-Sun Lee·Jae-Yeon Jung·Jung-Eun Ha·Soo-Jeong Hwang·Yoon-Sook Hwang

  • Relationship between demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the Korean elderly and unmet dental care needs

    Eun-Seo Jung·Geum-Sun Ahn

  • The number of existing permanent teeth and the denture status of elderly adults aged 65 years and above living in metropolitan cities using data from the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

    Ji-Soo Kim·Se-Yeon Kim·Eun-Joo Jun, Seung-Hwa Jeong·Jin-Bom Kim

  • Relationship among oral health perception, oral health practices, and health-promoting lifestyle in soldiers

    Chung-Soon Park·Ye-Seul Han

  • Effects of health behaviors on the periodontal health status of Korea young man: The 6th Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

    Su-Jin Han

  • Relationship between socioeconomic status and periodontal disease using Structural Equation Modeling

    Su-Yeon Hwang·Jin-Young Yang·Ki-Eun Kim

  • Perception of smartphone applications for oral health care education in infants and toddlers

    Gyoung-Hoe Kim·Kyeong-Hee Lee1

  • Experience and perception of sexual harassment during clinical practice among dental hygiene students

    Hye-Eun Cho·Bo-Ram Lee

  • Analysis of dental radiography phantom practice of dental hygiene students

    Bok-Yeon Won·Mi-Yeong Hwang·Gye-Won Jang·Mi-Suk Yun·Nam-Suk Heo·Sung-Suk Park

  • Moderating effect of self-esteem and depression on the correlation between the frequency of community volunteer activities and job consciousness in dental hygiene students

    Marcia H. Lorentzen*·Young-Soo Lee*·Jong-Hwa Jang

  • Comparison of author key words and Medical Subject Heading terms in the Journal of Korean Society of Dental Hygiene from 2001 to 2015

    Yun-Jeong Kim

  • Influencing factors on turnover intention in clinical dental hygienist

    Hye-Jung Choi·Jung-Hwa Jung·Geum-Mi Joo

  • Effects of oral health knowledge, attitude, and behavior on oral health impact profile of metabolic syndrome patients

    Mi-Hee Lim