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December 2019

  • Vol. 19 No. 6
  • A study of dental assistance in dental care

    Jae-Yeon Jung ・Boo-Wol Kang ・Bo-Ram Kang ・Soo-Hwa Kim ・Yoon-Sook Hwang ・Su-Jin Han

  • Proposal for dementia-related curriculum development for dental hygiene degree programs in Korea

    Kyeong-Hee Lee ・Yoon-Young Choi ・ Eun-Seo Jung

  • A qualitative research on work scope in dental healthcare hygienists

    Sang-Eun Moon ・Sun-Hwa Hong ・Na-Yeon Kim

  • Relationship between periodontal disease and level of high-sensitivity C reactive protein in Korean adults

    So-Hyun Son・Eun-Sun Lee

  • Comparison of oral care product use, frequency of dental clinic visits, and oral conditions between individuals who brush and do not brush before sleeping using the 5th and 6th Korean National Health and Nutrition Survey (KNHANES) data

    Yu-Rin Kim

  • Relationship between oral health status and depressive symptoms in middle-aged women : The sixth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES Ⅵ)

    Hye-Jin Lee ・Young-Suk Kim

  • Effects of the amount of smoking and the duration of smoking on bleeding and pain of gingival by drinking in adolescents

    Mi-Ra Lee

  • Relationship among body mass index, perceived health status, and oral health behaviors of schoolgirls: The 13th Korea Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2017

    Eun-Jung NamKoong ・Hee-Jung Lim

  • Factors affecting the resilience of dental hygienists' interpersonal relationships, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment

    Shin-Hong Park ・Hyun-Kyung Kang

  • Relationship between perceived organizational support, organizational attachment, and turnover intention of dental hygienists

    Eun-Ji You ・Hee-Hong Min

  • Relationship between dental care compliance and patients’ satisfaction about dental hygienist

    Seon-Yeong Kim

  • A survey on the current status and the opinion of professional oral health care for oral cancer patients

    Ji-Won Yu ・Bo-Mi Shin ・Ga-In Song ・Sue-Hyang Lee ・Sang-Hee Yoo ・Soo-Myoung Bae ・Sun-Jung Shin ・Hyo-Jin Lee

  • Study on critical thinking, clinical practice satisfaction, and clinical performance of dental hygiene students

    Soo-Kyung Kim

  • A study on the demands of dental hygiene students on extracurricular programs, according to learning style

    Myung-Eun Kim ・Hee-Kyoung Kim

  • Analysis of authors’ key words published in the Journal of Korean Society of Dental Hygiene across 3 years (2016 to 2018)

    Yun-Jeong Kim

  • Analysis of acidity and sugar content of beverages for children marketed in Korea

    Hyun-Sun Jeon ・So-Jung Mun ・Ye-Ji Lee

  • Evaluation of the accuracy of provisional restorative resins fabricated using dental 3D printers

    Min-su Kim ・Won-Gi Kim ・Wol Kang

  • Changes in pH values in the oral cavity according to the intake method of powdered probiotics

    Young-Sun Hwang ・Min-Kyung Lee ・Myoung-Hee Kim