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August 2020

  • Vol. 20 No. 4
  • Qualitative study on the scaling experience through the application of comprehensive dental hygiene care : A grounded theory approach

    Seon-Mi Park · Sang-Eun Moon · Yun-Jeong Kim · Seon-Yeong Kim · Hye-Eun Cho · Hyun-Joo Kang

  • A qualitative study on the dental hygiene student experiences of clinical practice : Focus group interview

    Sang-Eun Moon · Sun-Hwa Hong · Bo-Ram Lee

  • Association between periodontitis, obesity, and health behavior according to sex and age groups in Korean adults

    Su-Jin Han

  • Current status and future tasks of visiting oral health care services for elders

    Sue-Hyang Lee · Soo-Myoung Bae · Bo-Mi Shin · Hyo-Jin Lee · Sun-Jung Shin

  • Oral hygiene maintenance in patients with dental implants following oral health education

    Jin-Sil Yu · Hye-Young Park · Hye-Jung Bok · Jung-Hwa Lee · Hye-Jin Kim

  • Difference analysis of importance perception and ability of communication among dental hygienists

    Sun-Mi Lee · Mi-Kyoung Jun

  • A study on the job retention of dental hygienists in accordance with the job grade of dental hygienists

    Yu-Rin Kim

  • The effect of interpersonal relationship satisfaction and self-control on department satisfaction in dental hygiene students

    Da-Hui Kim · Ja-Won Cho

  • The influence of self-leadership and career decision self-efficacy of dental hygiene students on career preparation behavior

    Kyong-Hye Min · Yu-Jeong Do · Hee-Hong Min

  • Changes in the amount of adhesion of Streptococcus mutans to pit and fissure sealant incorporating cerium oxide nano particles(CNPs)

    Seong-Sook Lee · Young-Min Park · Dong-Ae Kim