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June 2018

  • Vol. 18 No. 3
  • Effect of posture correction training in dental scaling using rapid upper limb assessment and 3D motion analysis

    Tae-Lim Yoon·Ji-Hyun Min*·Han-Na Kim

  • Development of clinical dental competencies in dental hygienists

    So-Jung Mun·Hie-Jin Noh·Sung-Suk Bae·Seon-Kyeong Kim·Ju-Hui Jeong

  • Factors affecting the conflict between work and family in some married dental hygienists

    Yoon-Sook Hwang·Soo-Hwa Kim

  • Considerations in work years and dental institution types among some dental hygiene graduates, and ways to improve the clinical dental hygiene society

    Sun-Mi Lee·Mi-Kyoung Jun·Jung-Hwa Lee

  • Factors affecting fluoride perception in thegeneral population

    Kyeong-Hee Lee·Hye-Hyun Koo·Hye-Lim Kim·Jin-Young Park·Hyeon-Ji Jeon·Eun-Seo Jung

  • A study on the preventive dental service experience and dental fear

    Soo-Kyung Kim·Ha-Ran Park·Da-Eun Lee·Su-Jeong Lee·Eun-Seo Jung

  • Association between oral health status and pulmonary ventilatory defects in adults 40 years or older

    Chung-Soon Park·In-Ja Kim

  • Study about the factors related to gingival symptoms in Korean adolescents according to the mental health factors

    Mi-Ra Lee

  • The relationship between emotional intelligence and cultural competency of dental hygiene students

    Min-Seon Park·Jong-Hwa Jang

  • Study about the relation between clinical practice stress, satisfaction and self-concept of dental hygiene department students

    Nam-Suk Heo·Yu-Hee Lee

  • The effect of ego-resilience, family support and teaching effectiveness on clinical practice satisfaction of dental hygiene students

    Hee-Hong Min·Hyun-Jin Kim·Hye-Jin Lee