2008 Vol.8 No.1~No.4

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March 2008

  • Vol. 8 No. 1
  • A study on the relationship of characteristics to job satisfaction among dental hygienists

    Sung-Suk Park

  • A study on the actual conditions of the oral health of the infants in kindergarten according to mothers’ care

    Hye-Jeong Song

  • The effects subjective fatigue symptoms to job satisfaction in Daejon city and south Chungcheong province of dental hygienists

    Min-Woo Shin,Young-Suk Kim

  • A study on patients’ choices over dental clinics and factors of complaint against medical service -focused on Seoul, Kyoungi, and Incheon areas

    Eun-Mii Yoo, Sun-Kyoung Kim, Yoon-Sook Hwang

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June 2008

  • Vol. 8 No. 2
  • State of visiting oral health programs and the views of dental hygienists in public dental clinics

    Boo-Wol Kang, Yoon-Sook Hwang, Sun-Mi Lee

  • A study about the relationship between mouth-odor survey and self awareness

    Min-Young Kim, Hye-Jin Lee

  • A study on dental hygiene students’ knowledge of hepatitis B

    Sung-Suk Park

  • A study on the incremental oral health care of C pediatric clinic using a Dentocult-SM test

    Hee-Sun Woo

  • Change master cast by hardening method to position of tray after impression taking

    Jung-Ae Lee

  • The effect of dentifrice containing garlic extract on dental plaque and gingivitis

    Jong-Hwa Jang

  • A study on knowledge and attitude toward the elderly in dental personnels – in Daejeon & Chungnam area –

    Min-Gyeong Ji

  • A study on the awareness of snack intake preference actual conditions and oral health education for business world man high school locating in Kyonggi province

    Yun-Hwa Choi, Yun-Jeong Jee

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September 2008

  • Vol. 8 No. 3
  • A Study on Oral Health Projects for the Disabled in public health center

    Seung-Hee Woo, Youn-Jung Kim, Jung-Suk Gkuk

  • A analysis on the Patient’s awareness of periodontal diseases

    Young-Im Kim, Hee-Young Heo

  • A research on the actual condition of children’s toothbrushing

    Hye-Kyung Lee, Young-Im Kim

  • A Survey on Mothers’ Awareness of Nursing Bottle Caries according to Infants’ Age

    Hee-Hong Min, Mi-Ra Lee, Min-Gyeong Ji

  • Influence of soft drinks supplemented calcium to enamel remineralization

    Min-Young Kim, Hye-Jin Lee

  • Growth Inhibition of S.mutans by using fluorine and reproducing the test method by measuring the pH change in the culture solution

    Yun-Jeong Jee, Yun-Hwa Choi

  • Comparison study of oral health care and dental treatments about the use of oral hygiene devices among the patients

    Hyung-Suk Lee, Young-Sun Kim

  • A Study on the Current State and Weight of Dental Hygienists’ Works

    Young-Suk Kim, Min-Woo Shin

  • A study of images of the elderly perceived by dental hygienists and their behaviors

    Min-Gyeong Ji, Kwon-Suk Ahn

  • A study on usage status of auxiliary oral hygiene devices in service workers behavior

    Myung-Eun Kim

  • A study on the awareness and practice of the pregnant women about oral health care

    Young-Nam Park, Chung-Sin Shim

  • A study on perceived value of work having effect on organizational attitude of dental hygienists

    Hee-Suk Yoon, Young-Sun Kim

  • A Study of Factors of Oral Health Diseases among the Elderly

    Kwon-Suk Ahn, Min-Gyeong Ji

  • Study of necessity of teenagers’ drinking, mouth knowledge estimation by smoking and dental health education

    Yun-Hwa Choi, Yun-Jeong Jee

  • An Evaluation of the level of moral development of dental hygiene students by ethics education in the province of Jeonnam

    Yun-Jeong Kim, Kun-Ok Lim, Mi-Sun Yu

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December 2008

  • Vol. 8 No. 4
  • Subjective oral health perception and oral health behaviors of the elderly people in Busan and Gyeongnam province

    Kyeung-Ae Jang, Dong-Yeol Kim

  • Oral health education in the health segment of the 7th National curriculum and Oral health awareness

    Young-Ran Jung, Hye-Sook Choi

  • Surface change of enamel according to application time of 35% Carbamide Peroxide

    Hye-Jin Lee, Min-Young Kim, Myeong-Suk Han

  • A study on analysis of the Relationship Oral bacteria to dental caries experience in disabled student’s: in Gyeong-nam

    Pyeong-Kyu Cho, Sung-Suk Park

  • A study on characteristics to territorial among awareness of halitosis

    Sung-Suk Park, Eun-Ju Suh, Gye-Won Jang

  • A Study on the Oral Health and Oral-Health Care of Some Health-Related and Health-Unrelated Majors

    Min-Young Lee, Ja-Hea Yoo

  • Evaluation of oral health with equipped prosthesis using OHIP-14

    Hye-Jin Kim, Hyun-Ja Jeong

  • A study on middle school students’ oral health belief and oral health practice

    Min-Gyeong Ji

  • A study on the condition and perception of smoking in dental Hygienist

    Kyung-Mi Kim, Myung-Suk Shin, Hye-Hung Choi, Jae-Yeon Jung, Yoon-Sook Hwang

  • A Study on the Dental Service Statifation of Cityizens in Deajeon

    Bo-Kyun Sung

  • A study on the improvement of dental hygiene curriculums in comparison with the curriculum segment of the accrediting criteria for dental hygiene education

    Mi-Yeong Hwang

  • A study on the oral-health belief and oral-health care of company employees

    Mi-Hee Lim

  • A study on the oral health state and oral health care of dental clinic patients

    Mi-Young Gwon

  • The relationship of diet habits, obesity and level of oral health among elementary school children

    Jong-Hwa Jang

  • Identification and morphology of scanning electron microscopy(sem) of bacteria isolated from dental biofilm

    Gye-won Jang

  • A study on the stressors and coping patterns of some dental hygiene students

    Il-Soon Park, Sun-Hee Lee

  • Theoretical analysis for the development of early childhood oral health curriculum and developmental case

    Young-Ran Jung, Young-Kyung Kim, Yun-Sook Hwang

  • General aspect of residents in Youngnam area and subjective evaluation about oral health and quality of life along with health activity

    Ji-Hwa Kim, Jung-Hwa Lee

  • Oral management of Stevens-Johonson syndrome, toxic epidermal necrolysis patients

    Ji-Il Park, Seon-Hack Yoon

  • A servey on the actual conditions & recognition of tooth bleaching in female college students

    Min-Woo Shin, Min-Gyeong Ji, Myeong-Suk Han

  • The Factors to Affect the Oral Health Promotion Behavior of Elementary School Students

    Soo-Kyung Kim

  • A Study on the Employment Stress and the Coping Type in Some Dental Hygiene Students

    Eun-Ju Kim, Jin-Kyoung Kim

  • A study on the effect of negative word-of-mouth of dental clinic patients

    Hae-Young Yang

  • Investigation of factors influenced on accuracy of polyvinylsiloxane

    Soo-Hwa Kim, Sun-Mi Lee, Ji-Min Hwang